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Various Animals that can be Kept as an ESA - 2022 Guide

If you are a cat person, you must be aware of the struggle of selecting meals for your kitten. It is not an easy job to choose food items for your cat that are not only healthy but are also delicious. After getting an ESA Letter from a mental health professional, you can keep a little kitty as your emotional support partner. Please do not forget to take care of it and feed it well.

If you are reading this blog, you might have a thing for pets. They are so cute and innocent. Aren’t they? If your pet is a bit choosy when it comes to eating food, this blog can be your life savior. Keep up with it.

Pets add colors to human life. They can either be little furry cats or hypoallergenic dogs or cute talking parrots. They provide emotional support to humans with their sweet gestures and bright smiles. Humans should take care of them as well.

Delicious Cat Foods

Most of the cats are meat-eaters. However, it should be kept in mind that the best cat food is the one that is loved by your cat. Also, the food items that you choose for your cat should contribute to its well-being. It should not make your kitten sick. Let’s have a look at the list of delicious food items for your cat. High five!


Meat is the most common food item that is used for cats. They mostly need a healthy dose of protein in order to function up to their optimal capacity. Protein is essential for their growth and healthy functioning. So, let’s start from there "esa letter for housing". You have a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting a meat dish.

Raw meat seems like an easy choice of food for your cat. Many people give either spoiled or raw meat to their cats. Bummer! it can make your cat sick. Always make sure that you cook the meat properly before giving it to your cat. For example, you can cook a piece of chicken, beef or turkey for your little kitten. It will be happy to eat it.


Your kitten will love eating cooked eggs. Eggs are a good source of vitamins and proteins that will contribute to the health of your little kitten. Many cat foods tend to include eggs as an essential ingredient. Avoid giving raw eggs to your cat. Your little kitten might not be able to digest them.


Bananas are sweet and soft. Your little kitty will definitely love eating them. Bananas are not only sweet but they also provide substantial doses of potassium and fibers. They are referred to as kitten-safe snacks.


Commercial cat foods include oatmeal as an important ingredient. Oatmeal is not only delicious but is also quite healthy for your little kitten. It provides healthy doses of vitamin B.


You must be wondering if you can give a pumpkin to your cat to eat. Of course! You can. It is low in calories and contains high doses of fiber. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit


Most human foods are loved by cats. Your cat might not be different in this case. Try feeding bread to your cat. Sounds dope. Doesn’t it? You will thank this blog for this wonderful idea.


Apples can serve as good snacks for your little kitty. An apple is a good source of vitamin C and fibers. Please keep one thing in mind though emotional support animal letter. Do not feed the skin of an apple to your cat. Your little kitty might not be able to digest it. Play it safe.

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