Beitrittsdatum: 21. Juni 2022


Weavers produce Chanderi silk by weaving in silk and cotton Zari in the traditional cotton yarn. This lends the fabric its popular and highly coveted shimmering texture. The fine zari work by the skilled traditional weavers in the Chanderi village lends its name to the fabric. Thus, the pure Chanderi silk sarees prices can range anywhere between INR 5,000 to 20,000. The price can widely vary depending on the zari work, quality, and texture. Due to its high demand and extravagant making prices, many retailers sell dupes. Often, customers agree to the high prices, but the retailers take advantage of their ignorance and cheat them. To help you avoid getting duped, we decided to compile this article to provide you some tips to recognize an authentic Chanderi silk saree. So, let us dive right in and have a look at the must-have fabric in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

chandari silk saree

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